This is one of the major sports globally. Because it is one of the most favorite kind of game, betting on it is not such a bizarre thing. With some few strategies, you can beat the bookmarkers and walk away with a big win. Just like betting on any other sports, pretty much, you have to dig up a wide array of information about the teams playing. To keep abreast with everything that happens in the field, you can read the vast knowledge online and get to know even whatever the iota that pertains volleyball. With the few betting options such as lines, props, futures, and specials, chances of winning some big payouts are very high. Because this game is often organized as a tournament, you will have a myriad of betting options throughout the entire season.

What Betting Options Do I Have When Betting On Volleyball?

When wagering on futures, it would be important to note this is a season-long bet. You bet on some of the aspects such as which team is going to win the tournament. With futures, you can also wager on the total points that the winning team is going to get at the end of the season.

Moneyline Betting
With this type of wagering option, you’re tied down only to who wins the match. Each team has some odds which are multifactor of the payout that one is eligible for. For example at a given game

  • Team A 2.5
  • Team B -3.5

This is a traditional type of wager. If you placed $100 for Team A, you would receive $250 if the team wins. On the other hand, if you bet on Team B, you will receive a payout of $350 if the team wins.


Handicapping is just like betting on other aspects of the game other than who is going to win. With this type of wager, a bookmaker usually offers handicapping options based on the number of sets that the winning team is going to win the game with. For example, a bookmaker may handicap -2.5 for the winning team to win in straight bets. Even if the underdog wins by the set number of sets, you will still win the place a wager as long as the winning team wins by the margin set by the bet.

Total Sets

This allows the bettor to wager on the total number of sets that will be played at a given match. With this type of wager, you only need to bet on how close the game shall be rather than who is going to beat the other. You bet on whether the number of sets at a specific volleyball match will go above or below given figure that is set by the bookmaker, i.e., over/under 3.5.

Betting Strategies

Having an understanding of how you can place wagers successfully is a massive leap towards winning big in volleyball wagering. You owe it to yourself to know crucial games on the volleyball calendar. You will find couple up the information with the on-court team aspects such as team cohesion.

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