Spelling Bee

This is a competition in which contenders are asked to spell a variety of word selection. The words have varying degrees of difficulty. This activity has grown exponentially in the recent past, in the United States, it goes way back to early years where tournaments were organized. Due to the exhilarating nature of the spelling tournament, it has now spread across the globe with many countries adopting it. Though it was used for educational purposes in the past, the current times’ spelling bee has been designed to enable participants to make money out of it. If you are sharp when it comes to spelling English words, you can try it out, and you can earn big by beating other contestants. First, you need to register for an account with an online spelling bee. Having an account is pretty easy! All you need to do is fill out a simple onsite form, and you would be good go!

What Do You Do After Registering?

After getting an account, you are entered into a tournament where you are challenged with a series of words. Please note that as you climb up the spelling ladder, you find even much more difficult spelling assignments. So, you might want to build your tenacity early. Rules for this games are pretty simple; you just need to get more words right so that you would not be knocked out of the stages. You will compete with other contenders and if you are sharp, walking away with a big win is easy! Sometimes, you might tie with other contenders. However, streaks of correct answers serve as tiebreakers.

Community Spelling Bees

Besides the orthodox spelling bee, you can also indulge in community spelling bee. With that, you have a list of words that are generated by the subscribers of the word list. Unlike the other spelling bee, this one tests one’s knowledge on a limited group of words. This one will give you some scores basing on the percentage of words that you were able to spell correctly. Playing the community spelling bee is simple, click one of those listed online community spelling bees and then head over to test drive it. If you get your hands on it, be sure to find some real tournaments and stake some money. Some individuals might be visual thesaurus subscribers. With that, you have the chance of creating a word list so that others can play it.

Here’s How You Play It

You will hear a recording of a word and then try guessing its spelling.

After that, you will continue to try to guess a word without a penalty when the game hasn’t started.

You then will start seeing some handy hits

After three incorrect guesses, you shall be needed to hit “I surrender” button, and the right answer will just pop up.

In a tournament, the more the right answers you get, the harder the test gets. However, in a community spelling bee, you will be able to see words presented randomly.

Scores of the tournament updates and ranks every five seconds. More often than not, one’s score is based on the percentage number of words that you can spell correctly.

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