Though this kind of wagering has not become so prominent in the current times, it could be what would define wagering in future. Many individuals might think that betting on politics is not as lucrative as placing bets on sporting events. If you are that kind of individual, you might want to try it yourself. You might even find yourself regretting why you had not registered for an account and indulged in politics betting before. In fact, many people do not know that there is a significant amount of money to be won on gambling every day. First of all, you have many chances of betting since there are many congressional primaries before finalists are chosen. Experts believe that betting on politics is one of the simplest and the most lucrative form of betting. One of the widely known elections gambling in the 2016 US presidential election. Because the race was tight, bettors had many options of betting. Apart from line betting, you also have the chance of handicapping the race. Besides the fact that you can bet on the winner that would win the race outright, you can bet on some other events that aren’t directly tied to the competition.

How To Bet On Politics

Basically, there are two types of wagering on politics, these are straight up and money line bets. Politics has narrow options as compared to sports betting. Most bookmakers tend to offer the two types of bets.

Straight Up Bet

With the straight bet, you shall bet on who will win the election or the riding. Some handy icons are indicating the number of odds is assigned to the contending candidates. The odds are multifactor that will determine the payout of the candidate you placed your bet on. Favorite candidates will have lower odds and underdog, on the other hand, will have much more odds. In straight-up stakes, if an individual candidate has been assigned odds of 4:1, it means that if you bet for the candidate, you will receive a payout that is four times the amount you staked, which is excellent!

Money Line betting

Another type of bet that you have to look up to as far as betting on politics is concerned is that which you wager on how much a particular candidate will win with. For example, the wager on whether or not President Obama will win with at least 50% of all the states is considered as a Moneyline bet.

What Do You Consider When Betting On Politics?

The best strategy to use when betting on politics is being a good analyst that can read popularity of a given candidate. However, some externalities can ruin the candidate’s reputation. Such externalities include scandals. Such things can be so hard to predict when trying to project who is likely to win the election. You need to keep abreast with the “temperature of the candidate. Please note that politics very dirty and ruthless a game. So, you might want to take into account the image of the individual running for office.

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