Even for gamblers that have high expertise and experience in the area, betting on NHL hockey can be tricky. Unlike all the other sporting events, you do not have the discretion of point spreads. You’re only left with money lines. When games in the NHL are decided by 1 goal, betting on favorite teams can be a bit risky. However, if you choose to lay a bet on the underdog, it can be pretty pricey! Often, the puck drops and everything changes quickly. It is for this reason that live betting can be much more worthwhile. When the team is not playing very well, you have live betting to look up to. Sometimes, you might notice that the goaltender is not competent or the star player is playing injured. Because there can be as many as more than 14 games on a busy NHL night, bookmarks have no chance of posting sharp live odds. You can single out one game and then pay close attention to how the game goes. As soon as you see a window of opportunity, bounce back. Here are some of the strategies that could increase your chances of winning big.

Ride The Streaks

It is much better to ride the streaks than try to predict how the games shall go. Often, some teams try to win when on long winning streaks. Due to the confidence and passion that the players have, nothing would faze them. Even if they might go down a goal or two during the first half, they can make a comeback in the second half. One perfect example is how streaky the 2016-2017 season was. Some teams such as Philadelphia Flyers missed the playoffs yet made a comeback and won 10 games straight. It is much more worthwhile riding the streaks than trying to predict how the games go.

Look At Home Or Road Records

Just like any other sports, when teams are playing at home, they have the substantial support from the fans as well as the leverage of playing in their home environment. On the other hand, teams that are playing away matches often are faced with long odds of playing in some competitive situations. Due to this, home teams usually win. However, there are some instances where home teams do not necessarily win. Statistics show that some teams are better off when on the road than when playing home. Due to this, you ought to do thorough research and have a close look at teams’ home and road records.

Be Aware Of Game Schedules

Just like many other sports, motivation and some other elements such as intensity play a crucial role in winning a game. Within the 82-game season, there are many times when teams are going to be at their peak and at their low. When a team has played four consecutive road games and is now scheduled to play against a rested team that is playing at home, you would expect the game to go in favor of the home team. Besides knowing the sides, you also ought to shop for lines. Being a member of a Sportsbook that gives the best odds is often a big boost.

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