When it comes to betting, NFL is irrefutably the most lucrative league to lay bets on; this is because most games played in the league comes with attractive odds. As a matter of fact, betting on NFL is the most popular sports betting activity globally. Statistics indicate that there is not even a single game throughout the globe that comes close to super bowl when it comes to handle. It does not matter whether you are a rookie or a well-seasoned bettor, you need a refresher. Fortunately, online Sportsbook chief is here to lavish you with everything you need as far as sports betting is concerned. First of all, let us learn how you can place your wagers on NFL, sit back and expect a big win.

Spread Betting

One of the most common ways of wagering on NFL is spread betting. It is the simplest ways of betting on football. Bookmarkers usually spread points on the playing teams by choosing one favorite and awarding it a certain number of points. With the spreads, there is one simple rule; the winning team has to win by the spread so that it could pay out. Sometimes, the underdog wins. In such a scenario, the underdog covers. Depending on the Sportsbook, bets can be returned if the game turns out to be a push, i.e., the underdog has won.

Moneyline Betting

This is a bit different from point spread. Before the invention of the point spread, Moneyline betting one of the predominant ways through which people placed wagers on teams. Today, people still make Moneyline wagers. What one does with this type of betting is pick a team that they believe is going to win the game. Unlike spread betting, there are no points that are to be gained for the favorite team to payout. What bookmarkers do with this type of wagering is set odds for each side. Favorite teams often pay less if they win the game. On the other hand, underdogs pay pretty handsomely when they win.

NFL Totals

It is just like betting on point spreads due to the fact it involves selecting whether or not the scores of the game are going to go over or under specific totals. All one ought to do is make their wagers on whether scores of the game are going to go over or under a given number. Perhaps, this is what makes this type of wagering be referred to as over/under. However, to be successful when betting on totals, it would be essential to keep a keen eye on some of the most critical elements that might determine the game scores such as weather and injuries.

NFL Prop Betting

Prop betting is an exclusive type of wager, it asks the bettor to wager on something different from the final scores of the game. When it comes to NFL, prop betting customarily come with some other aspects such as the player form or even team prop bets. It encompasses some of the most important elements such as touchdowns thrown at a given game. During super bowl, the bettor has the discretion of selecting from over hundred wagers. With prop betting, you can even bet on the coin toss and other similar aspects of the game.

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