Even though handball might not be so prominent a sport worldwide, it would be important to note that is widely known among bettors. This could be because wagering on it is pretty simple and it comes in handy with plenty of value available amongst the dizzying array of markets. Sharp bettors shop for lines and while focusing their attention not only on domestic but also international handball tournaments. Due to the pure nature of this kind of sport, please note that if you have some strategies, you could beat the bookies and walk away with a big win. Handball has gradually transformed from just an outdoor event to the current edge cutting indoor version. This change has made the game become more and more dynamic and increased the number of fans as well. Definitely, the shift has provided a more and more intense atmosphere serving the critical purpose of progression that has resulted in increased prominence of betting on handball. Read on to know more about how you can stake your money on handball, sit back and enjoy the action. Here are some of the most attractive bets you expect to find in the world of handball.

How To Bet On Handball

Just like basketball, handball has a number of betting options such as match betting, handicapping, lines, totals and even props. You need to have all information on teams and even players at your fingertips. Fortunately, there is a vast array of information on the internet. Since many aspects are affecting the probability of winning, it would be important to note that even big teams are trounced because of an absence of a critical player, injured defense and key players and lack of motivation amongst the teammates.

Line Betting

Also known as match betting, line betting involves betting on who is going to win the match outright. Typically, you will see odds cemented besides every team. Such odds are multifactor of the payout that you expect in case the team wins.


This type of betting involves betting on some other events that go beyond who wins the match. Frequently, bookmarkers assign + or – symbols to each team. Typically, it means that you are predicting the number of goals that would be added to or subtracted from the set figure to predict the final scores of the game correctly.


This is yet another lucrative type of wagering. This is because you bet on the number of goals that you think will be scored at a specific match. You bet on over or under one particular figure that is set by your bookmarker.

Betting On First Half Of The Match

You can also place wagers on the outcome of the game’s first half. With this option, you not only have the chance of predicting the team that is going to win the game outright but also the correct score during the first half of the match.


These are season long bets. With this type option, you place wagers on the team that you think is going to win the tourney at the end of the season. Bookmarkers may adjust odds any time to balance the bet.

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