One striking feature of the Euroleague is that surprises almost never happen. The best teams often come on top, and the rankings are never upset. Unlike all the other leagues, if a struggler is playing against a big side, it is almost evident that the big team has a higher chance of winning both home and away matches with the team. If you are a betting sharp, you might want to bet on favorites and even handicap some bets to raise the odds. Just like any other league, you have to have every bit of detail of the league at your fingertips. That way, you are going to make informed decisions when deciding on whether or not to lay wagers on a given team. Stats are going to help you predict not only the outcome of the games but also other aspects that would be critical when placing prop bets, sit back and expect a big win. Here are some of the most significant perspectives that you ought to consider when betting on Euroleague.

Consider Form And Team Stats

In many instances, some teams are known to win every home game while some are known to lose many home games. Even if a team is strong, you ought to consider some of some elements such as injuries and absence of star players. Sometimes teams have to play midweek matches, and due to this, they struggle to play well in subsequent competitions. This could be ascribed to the fact that players lack enough strength. Fatigue can also be a significant contributor to poor team performance at a given game. Sometimes, critical players play injured; if this is the case, they would not be as effective as they would when fit. When essential players are out of the game, the squad will be weakened severely. Having in mind that a basketball team encompasses typically 7 strong players, if one is absent, it would be hard for some activities such as rotations to be balanced. This may harm the team performance negatively. If you perceive such a scenario, bet on the rival team or even refrain from it altogether.

Consider Team Motivation Of The Players And Other Team Members

In the world is basketball, the motivation of the players significantly affect player motivation to win. If a team risks relegation or is playing a derby, they’re likely to give it all they’ve got. Such a scenario has a significant influence on the performance of the team. When a key player is out of the game, other players might not be motivated to play the league. Statistics show that absence of star players has a negative impact on the team performance. To get such information, educate yourself by reading the team’s pre-match declarations on media.


Often, your predictions of the game might be a little different from those of analysts and bookmakers. With this, it would be important to estimate and measure it against the probability of your forecast. Often, if your estimation might be a little higher than those of the bookmarker. If that is the case, you can head over to place your wager. Otherwise, do not bet the game.

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