College Props

Betting on props pays handsomely. If you are the type of gambler that loves to bet on lines and other forms wagers such as futures and totals, you might want to try props out and you might yourself enjoying betting more than you ever did before. Besides the fact that props pay well, it is much more fun to indulge in them than all the other orthodox betting. Before, people used to bet on totals and even lines. Props have become predominant in the current times due to its lucrativeness and increased chances of winning the bet. Besides the fact that college basketball takes your betting experience to a whole new level, prop bets are going to change your perception of betting. Because college basketball prop betting changes the way games are wagered on and takes it to a different level beyond which teams beats the other, you get an entirely new level of action. With college basketball prop betting, some things such as who is going to win the MVP are wagered on. Here are some of the options through which you can prop-bet college basketball prop bets.

Team Props

Team props are bets on a specific college basketball team’s performance over a given season. With team props, the player gets to wager on over or under a certain number of games that they expect a given team to win over that season. In some instances, prop bets that relate to performances of teams as well as and off-the-court basketball aspects. There are many prop bets available over the season, however, here are some of the predominant ones.

Season Win Totals

With this type of prop bet, you wager on the total number of points that you expect the team to achieve during the entire season. The bettor lays wagers on whether or not the total number of goals will go over or under a specific number. With this type of betting, some lines will be used as a multifactor of the payout. Often, if the bet is a push, you will have your risk amount back. In many instances, oddsmakers set half of the total points to eliminate the push, i.e., over or under 28.5 instead of just 28.

Player Props

This is a unique type of prop betting where you wager on the performance of an individual player. Such prop-bets include lines offered to players that are going to win specific awards. Often, bookmakers provide prop lines on some other aspects such as the performance of the player at a given game. One perfect example of payer props is who will score more for the team tonight, grab the most rebounds or hit many pointers. In some instances, oddsmakers can avail lines for individual performance per game. This means that you can bet on the points that a player scores for the team during a specific match or even entire season.

Bottom Line

Before wagering on college props, you need a vast knowledge and expertise in college basketball. With the experience, you can then head over to lay your bets, and you would be good to go!

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