CFL Props

Just like line betting, prop betting on come with two options, yes or no. all you need to do in this scenario is come up with an alternative and then place your wagers. With this type of wagering, you have increased chances of walking away with a big win. Unlike all the other betting options, prop bettors bet on events that are not directly related to the game. For example, you can bet on whether or not a given player will score a touchdown. With that, you are given two options, YES, if you think that the player will score the touchdown and NO if you think they won’t. You have some handy icons indicating the odds, and subsequently, the amount of payout you have to look up to incase the action goes in favor of what you’ve selected. Just like any other sort of betting, you have to keep abreast with everything that goes on in the league. Bookmarkers often adjust odds any time before the game kicks off in a bid to balance the bet and reduce their exposure to risk.

How Does One Place A CFL Prop?

Even though this kind of betting comes with a style that is just like the lines, you only have two alternatives, YES or NO. Beside them are odds for whether or not you agree with the statement. For example:

Will Defensive Touchdown Be Scored?

  • YES: 300
  • NO:-270

This is a perfect example of American odds and just like vigorish, pretty much, if you selected yes, staked$100 and a defensive touchdown is scored, you’ll win $300 or any other multiple chosen thereof by your sportsbook. On the other hand, if you selected NO and a defensive touchdown is not scored in action, you will win $270. Please note that odds may vary not only among games but also with time and sportsbook. So be sure to select a sportsbook that has attractive odds and equips you with every bit of information that is necessary for you to win. In some instances, you might note that some CFL props have only listed the yes side of the options. With that, know that such events are much unlikely to happen. A perfect example of this is “wardrobe malfunction” during the show at the halftime break of the game.

What Other Prop Betting Options Do You Have?

Sometimes you’ll notice that CFL props are listed in the same way as totals are listed, i.e., asking you whether a specific phenomenon of the game will go over or under a particular figure. One perfect example is the number of touchdown passes likely to be made at the start of the quarterback. One perfect example of this type of prop betting is the “Gatorade” which asks the color of the liquid that would be poured on the coach that wins the super bowl.

Bottom Line

Definitely, prop betting is the future of wagering. Due to the lucrative and high certainty nature of this type of wagering, start off your betting career at the right foot by educating yourself on how to bet on props.

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