Boxing Props

If you are the kind of bettor that seeks lucrative odds to maximize the returns from betting, then props are just the best option for you. If you attempt to indulge in some of the most prominent matchups besides betting only on who wins the match, then prop gambling is going to meet all your betting needs. Prop betting is also known as propositional betting; this is because of its comprehensive nature; you bet on events outside the ring. With prop betting, you have a ton of options on which you can bet on. The options must not be necessarily related to the player that is going to walk away with the bout. If you are a rookie in the world of prop betting, you might want to switch, and you are guaranteed that you will enjoy it more than you even did other types of betting. Prop betting is one of the most exciting forms of betting; this could be because you bet on things such as the probability that a star boxer will go down a given number of times. It is for this reason that prop betting is very popular.

How Does One Lay A Prop Bet?

In some instances, bookmarkers offer more generic odds encompassing some aspects such as how long the fight will last, knockdowns or even knockouts. With this type of betting, the victor does not matter so much; you only need to worry about the prop. One perfect example of prop bet is: will the fight go the distance?

  • YES: 300
  • NO: 250

This means that if you selected yes, you expect a payout of $300 if the fight goes the distance. However, if you chose NO and it turns out that way, you will get a payout of $250 if the fight does not go the distance. Please note that the odds operate just like any other odds on any game on sportsbooks. Many US bookmarkers often post odds in the American format. In the American odds format, the underdog is assigned the negative sign while the favorite boxers are assigned positive odds. The odds are also listed as fractions in the American format. With this system, you won’t miss noticing that the favorite teams have proper fraction format with the underdogs having an improper fraction format.

What Are Other Prop Betting Options?

In some instances, bookmarkers would split options into many as opposed to just two to two. For example, you might note that the prop betting options are availed for each round of the bout.


If you want to make the most out of prop betting, have a tour around sportsbooks and have a look at the odds and types of prop bets as well. To be a successful prop bettor, you ought to select the best sportsbooks. Fortunately, sportsbook chief is here to direct you to a bookmaker that has the best odds and has designed everything to enable you to win easily. Take on prop betting and experience the glitz and glamour of all the boxing actions.

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