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Even though gambling on fighting is not as widespread as it used to be in the past, it is one of the oldest ways of betting. The decline of betting on boxing has been linked to accusations of rigging. Many people think that boxers sabotage fairness of the game by going down fast. Sometime, people might perceive the judges are not as impartial as they are expected. It is for such reasons that betting on boxing has declined significantly. When people witness that, they might be a little jaded especially if they’ve lost significantly on such bets big time. Even if there is an exponential decline in betting on fighting, please note that it was once at the forefront of gambling on sports. With the rise of online sportsbooks, there are unending opportunities opened; you can bet on fighting at the comfort of your home and expect a big win. The contemporary forms of sports betting have made a boom in fighting. This is because some such as straightforward money lines, totals and props are very lucrative and offers very lucrative payouts. Here are some of the betting options that you have to look up to when betting on fighting.

Moneyline Betting

You can bet on which fighter is going to go to win the game. With this type of betting, all you need to do is select the player that you think is strong and tactical enough to beat the opponent. Bookmarkers frequently list odds beside every player. With Moneyline, each player has their odds which are multifactor of the payout you are going to get the money you stake. Beside each player’s name, you will see some handy icons depicting the odds for the player. Example of Moneyline

  • Player A 2.8
  • Player B 3.5
  • Draw 4

This means that if player A wins, they earn you a payout of 2.8 times the amount you staked. With this kind of wagering, player A is the favorite one.


You can also increase your chances of winning big by betting on totals. With totals, you can bet on some other aspects such as rounds. Totals involve betting on whether or not the number of shots at a given game shall go above or below a certain amount. You bet on whether or not the fight will go over or under a given number of rounds. With this kind of betting, you are cushioned against losing since the probability of the rounds or points hitting the amount you placed are high.


You can also place your wagers on unique aspects of the game such as high profile bouts. One perfect example is betting on whether or not a knockdown will be there at a given round. Sportsbooks have a ton of betting options for specials.


With betting on fighting, you only need to know the rules of that game. If you want to win, you might want to choose your bets wisely. You must also take into account relevant aspects of fighting while considering the player stats. You can then can sit back and watch as the action unfolds.

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