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29 May 2018
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College sports or Athletics packs a number of sporting activities organized and funded by institutions of higher learning in the entire United States. College athletics is a two-tiered system where the first tier is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). This body is charged with the responsibility of organizing and overseeing a series of tournaments under its jurisdiction. Of all the bodies charged with the responsibility of governing sporting activities in United States, NCAA has become the most significant. This could be because of the fact that it pools the best college players countrywide. So, this means that the fans are looking up to teams of players who are the best in the entire United States. In a bid to make the NCAA more and lively and involving, NCAA and other institutions offer scholarship programs to players.

Popularity of College Sports in United States
Intercollegiate sports have significant impact and popularity. This could be because of its significance in both the cultural and economic aspects of the country entirely. Publicity of colleges and universities play a very important part in attracting potential students. Therefore, American colleges that are out to increase their foothold in the market use sports. Some of those institutions are out to ensure popularity of their institutions and increase their alumni donations. Some studies done by the NCAA reveal that in universities where college sports are not taken seriously college sports, alumni donations are much less substantial. Besides increasing students in colleges and universities, the sports also have significant economic impacts through sale of tickets, merchandise as well as broadcast contracts. Definitely, these are important sources of income for the institutions. All these are some of the major contributors to the lucrative nature and popularity of the college sports in United States.
Wagering On College Sports
Even though college sports gambling is only legal in Nevada, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. NBA has gone to court to help push for the enactment of statutes that would see the legality of college sports’ gambling. Gambling on college sports could be very hard in United States’ bookies. But definitely not to any gambling enthusiast. There is a myriad of online sportsbook sites that accept United States players. You can register for real money gambling right on your mobile phone or tablet and place wagers on those tournaments and actions. Be sure to register at a bookie that is legit, has convenient banking options and comes with a 24/7 customer support in case you need some help.
There are many types of bets that you could place today. After registering at a site, be sure to take advantage of those new-player offers and promotions. Such promotions enable you to test drive just what the bookie is made of without having to make even the smallest dent in your deposited amount. Read the comprehensive list of sportsbooks posted herein, select the one that would meet your gaming needs and start off on the journey towards big payouts. Good luck!

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