Online Gambling


Here at Chief Brand reviews we get a large amount of questions about “How it works” when playing online. Players often wonder about how an account is setup and funded, how bets are placed, how the casinos and poker rooms operate and most importantly how they will get paid when they win. Getting paid is, of course, priority one. Funding an online account varies from website to website. Many places still accept credit cards as a major source of funding. However, American express and Discover are not accepted anywhere and finding a place that accepts Master Cards is very tough. VISA cards work almost everywhere, but even then, some bank-issued VISA cards do get rejected from time to time. Pre-paid VISA gift cards desposits also go through at most online outfits and are becoming quite popular. However, there is one consequence of using a credit cards. When a withdraw is requested after using a credit cards to deposit, every online operator will ask for three things:

1) a copy of the players’ ID,
2) a copy of the front and back of the credit cards used to deposit and,
3) a signed credit cards authorization form. This is all required to help prevent fraud and also to identify that the cards used was used by the person who owns it. If a player is unwilling (or unable) to send in these documents, DO NOT use a credit cards to deposit.

Accounts can also be funded by sending a cashier’s check, sent via FedEx or via the most common method of funding, person-to-person money transfer – either western Union or MoneyGram. Generally speaking a deposit of a couple of hundred bucks will ensure that the receiving gambling house will pick up any fees associated with the money transfer. This is our recommended method of funding.

Placing bets has become quite easy and commonplace online. Placing a bet on sports can be as simple as a click of the mouse and betting lines are availabe 24/7/365. there is a dizzying variety of wager types offered and most outfits will accept a wager as low as one or two bucks. Still some places require a minumum of $5. For larger players, many places require that bets in excess of $500 be placed over the phone. If players is unwilling to call or unable to understand the clerk over the phone, they should look for a place that will take a larger bet online.

Online casino games are one topic that must be covered when talking about online gambling. Chief Brand gets comments/inquires or complaints on online casinos constantly. Most of the correspondence revolves around players feeling that online casinos are ‘rigged’. In fact, many online casinos have better odds on slot machines than their land-based counterparts and slots are really the only game that emulates the land-based game very closely. After all, in a land-based casino slot machines are controlled by a central computer. All of the other casinos games are very different story. Cards games, roulette and dice games are very different that they are in-person. These games are controlled by a random number generator (RNG). The RNG acts differently than an actual deck of cards, roll of the dice or spin of the wheel. It’s like video poker vs. live poker. To put it simply, the games are just different. We look at online casinos more as entertainment. We look at online casinos more as entertainment than a way to cash in and hope that players realize this too.

Finally, the biggest thing for players is getting paid! Sending money back to the United States is difficult for not just online gambling houses, but everyone outside of the country. Since 9/11 it is easy to send money out of the U.S., but difficult to get it back in. Between the prospect of terrorist money laundering and much more strict banking laws after the crash of 2007, most transactions from foreign countries get an extra set of eyes. The limits have also been lowered. Where it was very common to receive thousands of dollars via person-to-person in the early 2000s, most places are now only able to send $800 per person, per day. Receiving checks was always the preferred method that we recommended, but currently the limits have been lowered to less than 3k and many houses take over two weeks to send them. For larger players, the only real way to cash out is via bank wire. The tried and true method of person-to-person money transfer payout is the fastest way for players to get their funds, with most places sending payouts with a day or two. However, there are a small number of elite-rated places that can still get money out the door the same day.

Online gambling has been around for nearly 20 years, and though times have changed a bit, reputable companies that have survived all of the ups and downs of the industry and U.S. Intervention do an excellent job. As long as players understand the Ins and Outs of ‘how it works’, online gambling can be a fun source of entertainment… and one that can be profitable.